Alabama Fax Cam Girl: National Signing Day 2011 Gets A Lift From Sexy Legs

Alabama Adds A Little Sex Appeal From National Letters Being Faxed In

Alabama has added a measure of heat to an otherwise drab National Signing Day. The day the high school recruits can sign a letter of intent to the program of their choosing is a taking 24 hours.

There is a good amount of numbers and analysis of High School Athlete after High School Athlete. The folks at Alabama have a solution.

They have added a Vanna White of sorts to their live fax cam feed. The pictured legs come from the good people at COED Magazine that were kind enough to snap off a photo or two.

The initial thought was that Alabama is just immensely pumped for the days events. But the female pictured is wearing much too short of a skirt for there to be a coincidence. This is just one more example of sex working its way into sports.

But I for one am not complaining. On a day that figures to tout the futures of well over a hundred amateur athletes, it is nice to have a nice pair of gams to take our minds off of things.

Now if every draft scenario worked the same way. The NFL would do well to include Playmates to give the picks for each team.

Now that would be something to see.